University of Oregon


Program Director
Stephen Wooten (Anthropology, International Studies, Environmental Studies)

Advisory Council members
Daniel Buck (Geography, Asian Studies)
Michael Fakhri (Law)
Mary Jaeger (Classics)
Harper Keeler (Landscape Architecture, Urban Farm)
Kathryn Lynch (Environmental Studies, Environmental Leadership Program)

Food Studies Working Group
Jacques Abelman (Landscape Architecture)
Adell Amos (Law)
Ina Asim (History, Asian Studies)
Elliot Berkman (Psychology)
Liska Chan (Landscape Architecture)
Howard Davis (Architecture)
Stephen Dueppen (Anthropology)
Miriam Deutsch (Physics)
Diana Garvin (Romance Studies)
Carlnita Greene (Journalism)
April Haynes (History)
Julie Hessler (History)
Jocelyn Hollander (Sociology)
Colin Ives (Art)
Vera Keller (History, Clark Honors College)
Nichole Kelly (Counseling Psychology)
Peter Laufer (Journalism)
Gyoung-Ah Lee (Anthropology)
David Luebke (History)
Theresa May (Theatre Arts)
Carrie McCurdy (Human Physiology)
Erin McKenna (Philosophy)
Jeff Measelle (Psychology)
Nicolae Morar (Philosophy, Environmental Studies)
Geraldine Moreno (Anthropology)
Andrew Nelson (Lundquist College of Business)
Kari Norgaard (Sociology, Environmental Studies)
Scott Pratt (Philosophy)
Daniel Rosenberg (History, Clark Honors College)
Jerry Rosiek (College of Education)
Samantha Shune (Special Education and Clinical Sciences)
Tasia Smith (Counseling Psychology)
J. Josh Snodgrass (Anthropology)
Carol Stabile (Journalism, Center for the Study of Women & Society)
Sarah Stapleton (College of Education)
Lynn Stephen (Anthropology, Center for Latino/a and Latin American Studies)
Analisa Taylor (Romance Languages)
Courtney Thorsson (English)
Arafaat Valiani (History)
Elly Vandegrift (Biology, Science Literacy Program)
Peter Walker (Geography, Environmental Studies)
Sarah Wald (English, Environmental Studies)
Louise Westling (English, Environmental Studies)
Daniel Wojcik (Folklore)
Mary Wood (Law)

Andrew Bonamici (UO Libraries)
Peg Boulay (Environmental Studies, Environmental Leadership Program)
Jennifer Burns Bright (Literature, Clark Honors College)
Hannah Cutting-Jones (History)
Daphne Gallagher (Anthropology)
Melissa Graboyes (History, African Studies)
Beth Hjelm (Lundberg College of Business)
Christina O’Bryan (Law)
Galen Martin (International Studies; Environmental Studies; Planning, Public Policy and Management)
Jim Meacham (Geography, InfoGraphics Lab)
Lorri Nelson (Landscape Architecture)
Robert Parker (UO Community Service Center)
Tina Rinaldi (Arts Administration Center)
Riki Saltzman (Oregon Folklife Network)
Megan Smith (Resource Assistance for Rural Environments)