University of Oregon

Current Graduate Students



Timothy Herrera, PhD student in Anthropology

Interests: Ethnobotany, Globalization, Migration, Immigration Issues, Indigenous Rights, Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican Cultures, Mesoamerican Studies, Native American Studies, and Iconography



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Alyssa Sperry, M.A. student in International Studies

Interests: Food culture, Food Economics, Salt Production, Caribbean Studies, and Diaspora Studies




Michelle Nikfarjam


Michelle Nikfarjam, M.A. student in International Studies

Interests: Food Security, Food Sovereignty, Agroecology, and Sustainable Development



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Lindsey Foltz, PhD student in Anthropology

Interests: Agricultural Biodiversity Preservation, Foodways, and Balkans


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Emily Yeates, M.L.A. Landscape Architecture