University of Oregon

Graduate Courses in Food Studies

Please note that courses listed below may only be offered once per year or every other year. Please consult the University of Oregon class schedule or contact the host department directly for current scheduling.

Graduate Specialization Core Course

ENVS 607: Food Matters: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Food Studies (offered annually)

COLT 561: Studies in Contemporary Theory: Introduction to Food Studies (Winter)
ENG 569: Literature and the Environment, Topic: Food Culture
ENG 616: The Animal Question and Literary Animals
ENG 660: African American Foodways
FLR 510: Food Festival Celebration (Winter)
FLR 510: Folklore Foodways
HIST 510: Food in Chinese Culture
J 563: Writing about Food

Social Science
ANTH 531: Plants and People
ANTH 565: Gender Issues in Nutritional Anthropology
ASIA 510: Food in Asia
ENVS 567: Sustainable Agriculture
GEOG 510: Geographies of Food
INTL 507: Globalization and Environmental Alternatives

Natural Science
ANTH 560: Nutritional Anthropology
BIO 532: Mycology
BIO 542: Systematic Botany
BIO 598: Biology and Politics
ENVS 577: Soil Science

AAA & Art
LA 510: Civic Agriculture
LA 606: Urban Farm

LAW 610: Food, Farming, and Sustainability

MGMT 510: From Nature to Plate – Business of Food